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The AAMBRA Foundation is a government of India registered non-profit organization, approved under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. AAMBRA came into formal inception in the year 2012, since then, the foundation has been actively engaged in skill development and has conducted national level seminar; and several consumer awareness and skill development workshops in the Delhi NCR, free of cost. The AAMBRA foundation’s primary objective is to work towards women empowerment through information dissemination and skill development.

The skill development initiatives have always been made available absolutely free of cost to the intended beneficiaries. However financial constraints restrict our endeavor of expanding our programs and taking our efforts in this direction to greater heights.

To overcome the paucity of funds, AAMBRA Foundation is proposing to organize a cultural fundraiser – AAMBROTSAVE – an annual project. The proceeds of which will be spent in setting up a skill development centre to cater to the marginalized women and equip them with skills to augment opportunities of economic participation. We expect over 2000 people to attend AAMBROTSAVE. We appeal to all the citizens of Delhi, youth and all the proactive women and men to come and participate in the festival to make it a resounding success.

The Aambra Foundation is headed by an advisory board comprising of the some of the most distinguished names of the society with Mrs. Vinita Bakshi at the helm of the affairs.

The Advisory Board:

Mr. Arvind Singhal

Arvind graduated from IIT-Roorkee (Electronics & Communication) and went on to complete his MBA (1980-82, Finance & Marketing) from UCLA USA. Arvind writes regularly for publications like Business Standard and Economic Times, and has served on several committees in the leading chambers of commerce and industry in India, across different sectors, including Textiles, Education, and Healthcare.

Ms. Rashmi Singh

Rashmi singh is a civil servant who has contributed to crucial policy matters related to welfare and development of women and child. She has won many International Awards for her contribution in this field. She is also the founder Director of Mission Convergence.

Mr. Rajiv Makhni

Rajiv Makhni is India's Tech Guru and is the Managing Editor, Technology, NDTV and also Head of Alternate Media for NDTV Ltd. He hosts multiple TV shows on Technology (Gadget Guru, Cellguru, Newsnet 3.0, Walk the Tech Talk), and Lifestyle (Men can’t dance, The next Big thing). He is a multiple award-winning columnist and writes for major publications like Hindustan Times, GQ, Outlook, Cnet and many others in India and Abroad.

Ms. Sushma Singhvi

Sushma Singhvi is an illustrious social worker, writer, orator, winner of Mamta Mani of U.P Govt. wears several feathers in her cap. She is the founder Chairperson of Gunjan.

Mrs. Rajni Aggarwal

Rajni Aggarwal, President of FIWE, is a Post Graduate from BITS, and Doctorate in education from Nagpur. As a first generation entrepreneurs she had, initially, set up a marketing organization in 1976.

Ms. Vinita Bakshi

Vinita is an award winning sociologist from Delhi school of Economics and a development practitioner. She has a passion for literature and writing and writes bilingually. She will be releasing her upcoming works very shortly. She has been writing monthly columns of many reputed social sector and lifestyle magazines. Vinita has been involved as a volunteer and activist in various initiatives aimed at skilling for employability leading to poverty alleviation and women empowerment. As Director Programmes, for a Non-Govt. Organization, she has conducted several workshops, seminars and events leading to artisan support. Presently, Vinita is involved in skill development for livelihoods, with an emphasis on skill cultivation and vocational training. She is the Director, National Institute of Jewellery (Govt. of Delhi)

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