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Two days with the most celebrated Indian authors

At AAMBROTSAVE 2015 we bring you six sessions spread over two days which include discussions and interactions with the most eminent authors of our times. The day would be suffused with mind challenging debatable issues concerning one and all. Through this event we are promoting and supporting written works - writers, authors and poets; poetry, fables, novels, articles, columns, cinema and new research.

We also aim to popularize regional Indian literature, as languages and literature form an integral part of our cultural consciousness. There would be explorations, dialogues, review, scrutiny and discourse on topics that would range from myths to fables, psychology to sociology, romance to relations, history to politics and everything you have always wanted to know but have seldom found.

The illustrious authors who will be a part of AAMBROTSAVE 2015:
Rahul Saini
Dr. Madhup Mohta
Laxmi Shanka Bajpai
Alok Srivastav
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